CEO Message


Washin Industrial Chemical Company is a Japanese company that has been developing for more than 100 years in the field of wood paint. We have expanded a branch in Vietnam, Washin Vietnam Chemical Company, with the vision to constantly offer a greater variety of products to customers based on the unique cultural features of each country. Our business motto for more than 100 years has been “Becoming a company that is always trusted by customers”, “Aim to contribute to society through company activities” and “Maintaining high service quality”.

Washin company’s wood paint is trusted by customers in the Japanese market thanks to its diverse development capabilities, technical capacity maintenance, and service quality assurance throughout the company’s operation. We are proud of our achievements and committed to continuing to be a reliable partner, providing customers with high-quality products and services. However, in recent years, we have noticed a trend in the manufacturing industry: customers will prioritize choosing suppliers with cheaper product prices. Therefore, each country’s unique and high-quality product manufacturing techniques are gradually being affected. We think it is very important that consumers can adequately understand and appreciate the “value” of the product.

In the future, we think that daring to set ourselves challenges and target larger markets, not just domestic ones, is essential in any field. With the difficulties and challenges ahead, through the company’s wood paint products, We hope to continue to bring the best experience of the “true value of the product” to customers.

Sincerely thank customers for always trusting and supporting Washin Vietnam company during the past time. We hope to strive and make continuous efforts to always receive trust and cooperation from you in the future.