PU Paint

PU paint helps create a glossy wood surface, high heat resistance, anti-corrosion, helping wooden furniture avoid mold, scratches and other influencing factors under the influence of weather.

NC Paint

NC paint provides a bright paint layer, dries very quickly, and has high adhesion on the wood surface, helping to protect the wood surface from peeling and cracking during use.


Putty (wood putty) is used to fill wood defects (wood stumps, termite holes, etc.) to flatten and smooth wooden surfaces, helping to protect and make wooden objects more durable and beautiful.


Pigment will be mixed with powder putty, sanding sealer, and gloss paint to create color for the product.

UV Paint

UV paint has high coverage, creates a flat surface, the paint film is very tough and has high hardness, and has very good scratch resistance to help protect the wood surface for a long time.