“V paint series” is our products which are proud of a track record in Japan.
It is produced through the inspection of the strict quality standards of the paint
for wood overseas.
The performance and the processes which are searched for in Japan and offer
with reasonable prices was realized.
These paints have the abundant products offered for being adapted for various uses.

  • fuji
  • tendo


Washin Chemical Industory Ltd has supported the culture of Japanese trees, such as furniture and building materials, as the biggest manufacturer of the paint for wood.
While requests at safety mount, many paints for the Washin brand wood of the stable quality are adopted focusing on Japanese major furniture makers.

Case Study

Case Study 1



We are manufacturing and selling a living chair, a desk, a bookshelf, etc. which harnessed the merit of a material called wood to the utmost.
It is asking for the natural result, and I became kind, and had development of the paint for wood suitable for the line of my company performed, and it was rescued very much.
Since the standard to the safety for which a visitor asks is high, the Washin brand is trusted also at the point.

  • fuji furniture
  • dummy2

Case Study 2



A natural material is processed for a craftsman’s handwork, and the product which can be used for a long time is manufactured, repairing.
Since the paint of the Washin brand always has stable quality, it can be used in comfort.
Moreover, although it is goods of a budget-prices belt, I think that there are no conventional Japanese goods and inferiority also about performance.