Corporate Information

 With the advanced technology and quality reliability in Japan, we challenge market development to Vietnam and the ASEAN countries.

 We acquired an investment license in Vietnam in April, 2005 and started operation in May, 2006.
 There were the various troubles at the start of our company, but stable production has done owing to Vietnamese’s diligence and skillfulness. From then on, advanced technology and the quality of products have high evaluation.
 Vietnamese market is the area where demand is developed from now on. It is thought that grows up as inexpensiveness of the wage cost, a physical distribution base, a base of manufacturing having high quality.
 We will aim at the market development mainly on wood paint under such an environment.

Main product
1. Cellulose nitrate lacquer paint
2. Polyurethane paint of the 2 liquid
3. UV paint
4. Various coloring agents
5. Various thinner

 We have export paint for Japan with the price performance which is being put into effect from opening at first already as well as in Vietnam.
 In future, we widen development using duty specialization to the ASEAN countries and will challenge the export development in future as the maker which can produce the paint of the Japanese quality.

 As a maker having technology of Japan, we perform stable production and quality control and aim at the company trusted by a user.


Takayoshi Kuroda, President


Company Information


Plot No.122/1, Amata Road, Amata Industrial Park, Long Binh Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam
TEL : 84-251-3936-021
FAX : 84-251-3936-022
The lot area
About 2500 ㎡
The production scale
About 250 t/ month
The sales
7,874,452USD (2012)
The number of employees
43 people (40 Vietnameses, 3 Japanese, current as of September, 2013)
The organization
Manufacturing relation Production, quality control
and production management
Business relation
The user assistance relation
Director relation
Accounting relation
Relation of import and export


Investment license acquisition
I establish a company in Vietnam, the Ministry which has no Don, Bien Hoa city and a AMATA industrial park.
A capital: 300,000USD
A capital is increased in 700,000USD.
Manufacturing starting
A capital is increased in 2,000,000USD.


  1. Polyurethane plastic paint
  2. Nitration cotton lacquer composition
  3. UV plastic paint
  4. All kinds’ coloring (dye system, pigmentary system, stopping medium and coloring base, etc.)
  5. paint thinner


  1. Vietnam
  2. Export for Japan
  3. Export for foreign countries